Austin, Texas—Every business in the market has a mission and vision that cannot be reached without a plan. A business strategic plan provides the organization a clear direction to help employees know their job duties, due dates, assignments, and priorities needed to ensure business success. Like this business strategic plan, the information technology (IT) experts should also focus on diverse actions to properly include technology in the organization through a detailed IT Strategic Plan.

The growing importance of technology within the business environment is requiring attention from Chief Information Officers (CIO), who need to embrace new approaches to create a plan for tech in the company. CIOs must understand first the business strategy and then build the IT strategy plan around organization needs. This plan provides direction and priorities for the organization’s technology to enable management processes and guide operations.

The IT plan includes information on staffing, partnerships, organizational changes, portfolio roadmap, timeframes, goals, and assessment of risks that are required to achieve business outcomes. When done well, the IT plan increases the competitive advantage of the business by making of the technology a great resource.

The IT plan’s process starts with the mission statement, which seeks to achieve a particular objective like identifying the areas where the technology can improve business operations. The IT objective must be related to the organization’s overall business goals. To learn how IT can contribute the business, the IT experts should conduct a SWOT analysis of the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats of internal and external factors. Finally, the CIO and collaborators need to assess the IT budget to be aware of how many funds they need to allocate in the execution of the plan.

The only way to prevent employee confusion, uncertainty, and potential business failure is to establish the framework, priorities, and actions required to achieve the goals and outcomes. The IT strategic plan is a powerful tool that will provide direction on how technology can elevate the organization’s processes and operations.

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