Healthcare Industry

Health information technology involves the design, development, creation, use, and maintenance of IT systems. Modernizing IT systems will improve medical care by increasing efficiency, reducing error and improve patient satisfaction. Our services involve analyzing, developing and maintaining your IT infrastructure:

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Analyzing existing IT systems and to create recommendations to enhance and build your IT structure to meet regulatory requirements (HIPPA law). Suggesting improvement for your clinic like multi-point input patients’ data or mobile technology that would enhance the quality and efficiency of your practice. Analyzing your HIPPA Law exposures to protect the integrity of your practice.

Developing plans and strategies for compliance to increase your organization efficiency and reduction of the cost of IT technology. Detecting your technological blind spots and suggest strategies to correct them. We create a roadmap on the transition from paper to digital records.

Ensure the proper function of IT systems within your healthcare organization and follow the audit and consulting recommendations previously recognized. We help to digitalize your organization by moving paper record into digital records. We provide multi-point spots within your clinic to add patients’ records by using mobile technology. Also, we secure your sensitive data into HIPPA law compliance servers. Also, we improve your business flow (billing and invoicing patients) to increase revenue.