Austin, Texas—Buying a Christmas gift to someone else can be sometimes a hard duty. Now, imagine to buy presents for your whole family.  At Harold Technology Group, we want to keep you safe of the holiday gift haunting stress by giving you a useful source of information. Learn about the most recent tech gadgets that you can find in just one place.

The Apple Store is a good option to visit considering that Apple Inc. has recently redesigned and re-engineering its most iconic products for consumers delight. In this store, each member of the family can find and enjoy the technology that suits better his or her needs.


The new Apple Watch Serie 4 is not only a sophisticated accessory to add in the outfit, but a product that focuses on the health and wellness of the user. The series 4 watch now includes a new health monitoring, activity tracking, and connectivity.

The digital crown of the watch has a sensor that allows the user to take electrocardiograph (EKG) within 30 seconds. The EKG results detect heart rhythms and early stage of atrial fibrillation, which is helpful for those with heart diseases. The user is able to show local physician the results and prevent severe injuries. In case of fall, if the user does not respond within 30 seconds, the watch will contact emergency services.

Additional features include a display 30 percent larger, new speaker and microphones for better phone calls. Siri commands are 50 percent louder in comparison to older series. 


To keep running their business, mom and dad will need a more powerful and modern phone. The new iPhone XS and XS Max are an excellent option to buy as a gift. It includes physical characteristics like the new OLED technology for a better balance of color and contrast between light and dark. The screen has a resolution of 2, 688. The display has three different options, including 5.8, 6.1, and 6.5 inches.

The storage size of the iPhone XS and XS Max are in 64GB, 256GB, and 512GB. Mom and Dad will be able to save customer’s files, pictures of products, and more. Speaking of pictures, the new phone has a third lens for a better optical zoom. The rear-facing camera has a 3D scanner.

In the new Apple’s phone, the battery life is not a concern because the XS Max last 1.5 hours longer than previous models. The 18W USB-C power adapter also helps to keep battery with its new fast-charging technology.


Group meetings, presentations, and a long list of assignments are some of the most popular activities in the young adult of our family. A MacBook Air is a valuable piece to surprise them this holiday. The ultra-lightweight laptop of 15.6 mm and 2.75 of weight will provide portability and versatility. The updated laptop has a fingerprint sensor for authentication or Touch ID in the keyboard.

The external hardware presents a 13,3-inch edge-to-edge retina display. The display has 4 million pixels of higher resolution that allows 48% of more color and lively pictures. It has a 720 FaceTime HD Camera that will allow crystal clear group conversations. The MacBook Air is also implemented with the USB-C port that has a compatible charger for other Apple devices.

The notebook internal hardware presents an 8th-generation Intel dual-core i5 CPU, a 16 GB memory 2133 MHz, and a 1.5 Terabyte of storage. This means it will be 60% faster than previous product versions. It has an all-day battery life that allows up to 30 days of standby time.


The youngest of the house can also make use of the technology under the supervision of parents and older members. The new Apple’s iPad Pro presents  the parental controls on the child’s iPad. With Content and Privacy Restriction in Screen Time, the parent can block or limit specific apps and features on the device.

This iPad has similar features as the iPhone X family.  It also has an edge-to-edge liquid retina display and the “True Depth” sensor array. It uses the USB-C port for a smart connector and faster charging.

Now that you know where to find the up-to-date tech gifts for your family, remember that the most important is to strengthen the relationships and build memories!

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