Austin, Texas- At Harold Technology Group, we believe a website is a mandatory item for entrepreneurs, small business, and home-based business that want to generate clients, or showcase products and services. Whether you are deciding to create a new website or to update an existing one, we can help you to make the process easier than you think.

As a business owner, you realize your company is in need of a website. However, you are not sure where to start and what tools are needed. Keep calm and come to get a mug of coffee with us!


The first step to build or update a website is the Consultation meeting. It is important to analyze the current state of the business online presence, where it was, where it is, and where you would like it to move forward. An expert in website design/development can help to define the goals of your business, and establish the needs of the website.


A website has different purposes depending on the business industry and goals it wants to accomplish. For instance, provide more information to customers with articles, sell products online, start a blog, book appointments, or just portray the business in general and link it to social media. Among the websites designed for business, the landing page, the online booking system, and WooCommerce are the most popular features.

The Landing Page is a website page that appears in response to clicking on a search engine optimized (SEO) search result in Google. It allows capturing a visitor’s information through a lead form. The landing page is useful for online marketing because it often is linked to social media and online campaigns that benefit the company’s advertisement.

The Online Booking System is the perfect function for those businesses that are frequently scheduling appointments or sessions. A booking system is a software designed to help potential customers to optimize the time by booking and paying online for an activity or service. The customer now can choose desired times to visit the therapists, the spa, veterinary, and more. These type of websites that require the clients to type personal information like passwords, username, and credit card information are required to have an SSL Certificate.

The WooCommerce is a free WordPress plugin available to add to a website. The business whose primary goal is to sell products or services should possess WooCommerce in the site. Adding the plugin to the website, the business makes its customers online store experience affordable and accessible.


After the website’s goals have been established and the different options have been explored, Harold Technology Group experts help the business owners to evaluate the hostings and domains that suits better their needs. The final steps include an email with the quote or budget that is sent to the client to start the website upgrade. If the client agrees and feels excited about the project, HTG offers the contract to be signed to put the hands-on the work.  

In conclusion, building a whole new website or redesigning it is a task that takes three simple steps that will pay off in the accomplishment of your business goals. Keep in mind that technology is continually advancing. Therefore, if your website is out of date, it looks old, is not mobile-friendly, and your business is not getting the results you are waiting for, it is time to work for your business online presence.

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