Austin, Texas—The great amount of data and sensitive information that today’s companies manage has increased the importance of Cloud Backup. Data is a priceless and vital material that losing it can compromise business functioning, survival, and continuity in the market. Cloud Backup provides offsite backup that runs whenever a computer is connected to the internet.  Some common causes for losing data are hack attacks, computer crash, ransom attacks, virus infection, hard drive failure, theft, and natural disasters. At Harold Technology Group, we know the importance of safekeeping your business-critical information with a faster and better Backup like “BackBlaze” 6.0 version.


BackBlaze is a data storage provider founded in 2007 to provide two products: Computer Backup and B2 Cloud Storage. The company’s first product is computer backup, which is an online tool that allows Windows and Mac OS users to back up their data to offsite data centers.

The Backup provider company kicked off 2019 with its 6.0 update that has brought several features to highlight. BackBlaze 6.0 has been auto-updating to all users.

  • Faster Performance: Backup speeds have now a 50% more boost. The maximum upload threads have increased to 30, which also increases the speed back up in Mac and PC.
  • Super-sized restores: The Restore by Mail hard drive and flash drive sizes increased, as well as, the maximum size for downloads on iOs and Android mobile.
  • Sign in Security: The new version of mobile apps has biometric support and SSO support for sign-in.
  • Network Management: A blocklist feature allows the user to prevent backups while the user device keeps connected to a specific Wifi network the user has chosen.

The new version of BackBlaze is a good option to have peace of mind when thinking about your data. The updated software is also available for three different computer backups: Personal Backup, Business Backup, and B2 Cloud Storage.

Personal Backup-$5/month

Losing thousands of pictures, documents, and/or applications from our computer is not a pleasant thought. The personal backup allows you to save an unlimited amount of data, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited file size. The customer can also locate his or her computer with a hard drive shipped by BackBlaze in case it is lost or stolen.

Business Backup-$50/year/computer

The business backup is the solution if you are seeking to avoid losing revenue, damaging reputation, or decreasing your competitive advantage. It offers unlimited data, no throttling, and backup all the companies laptop and desktop computers to the cloud. The business platform centralizes billing and administration, empowering you to manage your team’s backup needs.

B2 Cloud Storage-$0.005/GB/Month for storage

BackBlaze gives the option to developers and IT experts to use storage pods to build applications, host content, or build their own backup service on B2. This is their most recent product in the market and it is enabling others to easily store mass volumes of data in the cloud.

Not to back up our personal or business data in the digital era is a mistake that has significant consequences. Harold Technology Group and its partner BackBlaze are a strategic alliance that seeks to provide an affordable and high-quality solution to computer backup.

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