Austin, Texas—Wireless communication networks are about to experience a major transformation and will jump up to the next level. The 5G service not will only change the speed of everything, but increase the pricing for the next-generation service.


The next generation in data networks will promise a faster speed, faster connections, and faster access to the cloud. The transition to 5G will take three years beginning in 2019 with the upgrade of the existing cellular network infrastructure. AT&T and Verizon stand out as the first telecommunications companies in launch 5G services. For Verizon, the launch will be on April 11 for limited customers in downtown Chicago and Minneapolis. Verizon’s clients should currently have unlimited plans, compatible devices, and pay $10 more.


5G will promote telephone faster connection increasing 100 times the speed. Downloading a 3D movie with 4G takes six minutes, with 5G it will take 3 seconds. This new generation will allow the connection of more gadgets at the same time. The 5G’ s  higher frequencies bring faster speeds and more bandwidth for smartphones and new technologies like self-driving cars, virtual reality, smart cities, and networked robots.

The 5G network can also act like a cloud server, which bring data storage much closer to devices and help users to quickly access their information. The new data speed will reduce the lag time between the device and server giving the healthcare industry the power to improve telemedicine and robotic surgeries.

5G is another prove that technology never rests and is frequently updating. This transformation in communications will bring a wide variety of advantages that would facilitate how users live and use technology.

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